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Disclaimer -- It is not our intention to infringe upon trademarked characters.  Our characters are based on the earliest stories by the Brother's Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, now passed into the public domain.  While our characters have been modeled after some of the most popular tellings and renditions of these fairy tales, they are not affiliated with any theme park or company. Any resemblance you may see is simply incidental.

Available Princesses, Pirates, Fairies, Superheros and Supporting Characters

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Party Types & Dropin Offerings

1-Hour Princess/Superhero Party $199

(Ask Us if You Don't See Your Child's Favorite Above! Superheros will have similar activities/items appropriate to the character-- call for details)



1 Free Princess Wrangler - (handles audio, troubleshoots, chauffeurs.)

Immersive Unique Storyline for Visit - Puts Your Child in the FairyTale!

Royal Coronation of Birthday Child with Tiara and light up wand

(Induction into Superhero Academy and Superhero Training)

Knock Your Socks Off Singing Princess Performance, no lip-syncing

Princess Story time

Royal Princess Lessons

Princess Q&A

Personalized autograph cards with special one on one time

Beautiful jewel tattoos

2 Interactive Individual Princess Games

Photo opportunities - Individual & Group


Add Ons - (May increase required party time )

Tiara - $4/child (different colors)

Premium Tiara - Sterling Silver & Rhinestones - $8-$35 per child

Light Makeup/Glitter - $3 per child.

Light Up Wands & Swords for Party Favors - $8/child

Add photo props -- $2 per child.

Additional princess/character - S100.00/hr


Epic Add Ons


Professional Photographer Photo Session -- Ask for estimate.

Princess Makeover - Extensive Hair and Makeup

Princess Carriage and Horse Team -- Ask for estimate.

Typical Pricing and Activities

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