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Invite An Enchanted Princess & Friends   Terms & Conditions

1.   We provide both Virtual and In-Person Character Entertainment for children's events.    Currently, all In-Person events will be held  according to the  State and Federal guidelines or suggestions to ensure public safety and security for all attendees,  character entertainers and customers and employees of Invite An Enchanted Princess & Friends ( A Vendorproof company). 

NOTE:   Our   Charges show up under   VENDORPROOF,   the name of our holding company,   on your   Credit Card/PayPal   Receipt.

2.  Attendee Behavior -- To maximize children's enjoyment of our events, we recommend parents and party organizers temporarily close down other activities during the performance  (bounce houses, for example).  If your child is shy we recommend not making this event a surprise, but to involve them in  inviting the   character to  their party  to reduce   any fear   that may prevent them from fully enjoying the event.

3.  Adult attendees, Proper Behavior and Parties    that include Alcohol:
We are so sorry we actually have to say this but at parties that include both adult and child attendees, we will look to the party organizer to maintain proper behavior of all attendees.    Please note that unwanted sexual comments made to characters, adult touching or hugging of characters is not acceptable at any time. If these incidents occur, we reserve the right to stop the event and vacate the premises  -- in such cases,   a refund will not be offered.   

4.  Similarly Parents of child attendees will be expected to remain near their children during the character performance to ensure good   behavior,   i.e.   no hitting,   or constant   interruptions   during performances, or pulling   on costumes or   wigs.

5. There is a certain risk recognized by both State and Federal agencies that attending public events during a pandemic may expose any and all attendees to the possibility of contracting a disease.   It is expected that as all concerned will make the best effort to ensure that all attendees and entertainers follow accepted guidelines to minimize a disease being communicated.  However there is no guarantee and in such a case of the above, all customers and attendees will hold Invite An Enchanted Princess  & Friends ' owners, employees, entertainers blameless and likewise we will hold all customers and attendees blameless in such an event.

6. Paying a deposit signifies that all customers have read and agree to abide by these terms and conditions and will inform their guests of the same. Copies of these terms and conditions are available on our website.

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