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Party Packages and Pricing
Even though Princesses are in our company name we also offer princes, pirates, superheros and fairies.  We also offer supporting characters found in their fairytales.  If you don't see what you want - ask us!  We don't offer some options such as clowns because the costumes tend to frighten most children and we don't see the entertainment value in that, or in Spongebob as well.
You can click on the images below to see information on themed party entertainment. 
If you are short on time, click RIGHT HERE to have someone help you immediately.   





What, you may ask is a Princess or Superhero Experience?


An "experience" is the moment the child believes that his or her favorite hero, be it Princess or Pirate, Iron Man or Tinkerbell, actually is attending their birthday party, and is their personal friend. 


It is sweet, endearing, and wonderful  and is reached by hard work, by actually singing/performing with/to the birthday girl or boy and making them not only feel special but empowered.  The child begins to  believe that they too can make a difference, help their family,  become a coronated princess or recruited superhero and be brave, strong, and kind to their fellow man, no matter their circumstance..


Our mission is to have every birthday child experience this feeling, whether they are the focus of the event or an attendee.  It is very rewarding work and is like no other job on earth.

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