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Now  Announcing Pokemon Characters and Parties * 

(*limited availability due to demand - schedule in  advance.)

1-Hr Pokemon Birthday Party (Not Pokemon Go)--$299

Now your younger children can have their own Pokemon themed party, complete with Pikachu and Pokemon Trainer to get them certified with Invite An Enchanted Princess and Friends!


1-Hour Pokemon themed Party (phones not required) 

$299 (no discounts or coupons apply)



Pikachu character and Pokemon Trainer 

Free Pokemon Coordinator (if needed)

(All activities are age adjusted -- younger children have simpler activities)

Pokemon Trainer University Ceremony

Birthday Child receives light up object and certificate, attendees receive certificates.

Pokemon Trainer Lessons

Pokemon Storytime


Choice of 1 Additional Themed Pokemon Activities

 (according to Age & Theme)

Dance Party

Pokemon Pokeball Training



Personalized Autograph Cards

Pokemon jewel tattoos

Group and Individual Photo Opportunities

(for up to 15 children)

2-Hr Pokemon Go Event for Pre-Teens+, Tweens+, Families and Businesses  -- $499+ for up to 20 people

Surprise your family or Pokemon Go(tm) fixated Teens with their own special Pokemon Go Event, complete with parties, phone tech support and curated courses.


Location Dependent -- Will be held at nearest city location where 10+ Pokestops and Gyms are located in a walkable area, not recommended for most home parties


Event Planning to fit any budget including (if desired) creation of Pokemon Central to coordinate and arrange for meals, water, phone, game and tech support, and prizes.


For the Younger Kids -- Appearance by Pikachu and Pokemon Trainer


Refresher Pokemon Go tricks and Pokemon capture secret Training for beginners.

Pokemon Go themed activities leveraging existing PokeStops, and Gyms.

Photos and picture taking opportunities



**Phones with fully installed Pokemon Go Apps Required.

Children 4-16 must be accompanied by Parent or Guardian (Not a drop off activity) and any phones they will be using must already have the Pokemon Go App fully installed prior to event participation.


All participants must sign a release before participating.

No discounts or coupons apply.

As these are completely curated events, costs will vary, depending on choices made by organizers, desired locations and options available please contact Invite An Enchanted Princess and Friends to discuss your party.

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