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Princess Parties in Covid19 Times

Virtual Princess Party

Years ago when our kids were born, the pediatrician took me aside and gave me some good advice, which I did not follow.

"Mr. Levin, when you put the baby on the bed, you put your hand on the baby, " he said. "Then you KEEP your hand on the baby and he will never fall off the bed."

Great advice, which as I said before, I did not follow. I put one child on the bed, took my hand off him and turned to pick up the other one -- the first one, sensing freedom, skittered across the king size bed and promptly flipped off the other side into the waiting pillows I had placed just in case something happened.

I thought for sure I had broke the baby but his booming laughter told me otherwise.

Now in these extraordinary times, I am frequently asked by parents how they can have a princess party and lower the risk of the party goers getting sick. I am reminded of the pediatrician's wise advice .

To be completely sure, have a virtual party using zoom or something similar, the kids will still be captivated by having the princess visit virtually -- its like the tv /tablet/laptop is talking back to them and you lower any risk to virtually zero by "keeping your hand on the baby.

Otherwise if you are open to having some risk, have a socially distanced party or princess popover but keep in mind that especially with the younger set they will need their parents right behind them to keep them from tackling the princess or breaking the social distance barrier of 6 feet with a mask, or 10 feet without.

At Invite An Enchanted Princess we want to keep you and your family happy, safe, "enchanted" and satisfied and we want the same for our talented staff. If you have questions on options for your child's birthday email us at Or you can check our our online scheduler by clicking here.

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